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At Landau Pools & Spas we builds beautiful pools with the utmost in detail.  We service and maintain our pools summer and winter.  See below for a complete list of our services.


What's included:

  • Cover removal and storage 

  • Cleaning of filter & heater

  • Filtration system reinstallation (filter, pump, and chlorinator)

  • Diving board, ladder, and hand-rail reattachment (all deck accessories)

  • Initial chemical shock treatment


  • Swimming Pool Pump, Heater, Chlorinator, Plumbing & Filter Repair

  • Troubleshooting & Leak detection



What's included:

  • Cover installation 

  • Filtratiion system disassembly and storage (filter, pump, chlorinator)

  • Diving board, ladder, and hand-rail removal and storage (all deck accessories)

  • Blow out, winterize, and plug plumbing lines, skimmers, and returns

  • Winterizing chemicals

  • Vacuuming 

  • water testing

  • Pressure testing



We Specialize in steel wall vinyl liner inground pools. Interested in Learning more? Visit our Build A Pool Section.

  • Any shape and size

  • Steel wall vinyl liner inground pools

  • Above ground pools 

  • Add ons such as coping & landscaping

  • Safety Features

  • Cleaning systems



We now offer ecological sustainable products to lessen the chemical load in your pool. Interested? Click here...

Other products include:

  • Granular and tab chlorine

  • diatimaceous earth

  • algaecide

  • PH adjustment chemicals

  • liquid shock

  • muratic acid

  • salt

  • and more... 


We offer weekly & bi-weekly maintenance.


What's Included:

  • Provide a professional pool cleaning with our own equipment

  • Skim leaves and other debris from the surface of the water

  • Refill your chlorinator or floating chlorine dispenser

  • Test your water chemistry and add the required chemicals (if necessary)

  • Clean out your skimmer and pump baskets

  • Check the filtration system to ensure proper functionality

  • Backwash the filter (if necessary)

  • Reinstall solar cover (if applicable)

  • Make sure all gates are closed

  • Leave you with a checklist of all services rendered

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